Fragile contact ‘Fragile’ Not much me, or anyone else for that matter can actually say about Contact Improvisation. But I will, of course! Discourse Of events Turning me Inside out. outside in NO WORDS BUT NEVER-THE-LESS, I’LL HAVE A RUDDY GOOD GO AT IT!!! For those of a hurried, or rushed predisposition, I whole-heatedly and hearted […]

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Recede… In the beginning there was the word. Word up! Upward! Pushing, pressing, reaching Pressure, pleasure, teaching SING SING SING But before then, There was the seed. UNSEEN Under the cold earth STILL Silky, Slippery, Sticky, STILL Succulent, Silent, Secluded STILL Sacred, Soulful, Sound STILL STAND STILL STILL BORN STILL BIRTH STILL EARTH BE OUT […]

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SEED Body Contact Contact Improvisation Language Honouring of teachers past & present Oneness by Miranda Betts 10/02/19 The language of the body-mind The language of loving-kindness The language of worship The language of celebration The language of music The language of dance The language of song The language of art The language of theatre The […]

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Whole-i-Stick Blog

Back to basics…Whole-i-Stick… Blog Web LOG Branch branch out Olive branch Stick Talking stick walking stick magic wand wander wander full wonderful wonder-full wonderful fool full moon lunatic fantasy sea of souls april fools fools rush in angels fearing dread dare to tread gently on the earth suffer fools gladly the little children magicians musicians […]

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Peace NOW!

Cultivation An inner state Of Being Of living Of life Off grid, CAUGHT Off guard Fluid free flow, Veritable, Free fall, Free for all! Effortless ease, Easy grace Gracious simplicity Monotony, Mundane Profane Sacred Spacious, spinning-spiral Circle Circular Circling of cycling Cycles Recycles Miracles Mirages, Mira Bells! Mira Belles! Meticulous, Miraculous Marching, meaty, monologue Meandering, […]

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